October 5, 2017, 4:53 pm
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One of the branches

This isn’t about winter. It’s not about cold. It’s about a term, a name, a phrase I’ve heard all too often lately when referring to people who “get too easily offended”.

Nowadays, if someone gets offended by race, political incorrectness, language, “jokes”, or just about anything, I keep seeing such individuals referred to as snowflakes.

Urban dictionary puts it this way… “A term used to describe extremist liberals that get offended by every statement and/or belief that doesn’t exactly match their own. These individuals think they are just as “unique” as snowflakes, when really their feelings are just as fragile.”


Apparently if people are offended it can’t be the offenders fault anymore, but rather that the offended is weak, whiny and therefore a “Snowflake”.

Aka, it’s an insult.

A literal snowflake is weak. It literally can be destroyed by a breath of air, or brushing up against literally anything.

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