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April 9, 2014, 11:56 pm
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Something I find interesting…

that Christian opponents of same sex marriage and LGBT equality feel under fire from wider society, often feeling their free speech is being stifled.

yet, Christians who support LGBT equality often feel under fire from the same Christians who feel under fire from society. If they speak their minds, they are often cast aside as quick as the evangelical is by LGBT proponents.

It seems as if we are caught in a self fulfilling prophecy, where Christians on both sides perpetuate the negative attack cycle.

Maybe it’s time to stop attacking each other and truly talk. Not at each other, but to each other. It seems to me there’s a disconnect where everyone feels attacked and nobody wins. How do we move forward in this, genuinely hearing each other?

I admit, most days I don’t want this conversation. But until it’s had, will the us vs. them mentality ever stop. Can it ever just be US? Us together, not against each other.

I genuinely don’t know. I have hope there’s a better way forward. Not always confident it’s possible.


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I would definitely like to think that dialogue can improve … in some areas I think it is improving … and in other places it is not improving … I think it simply depends on which group you’re talking with … some people are open to dialogue, and others are not, often because they are afraid of the conversation (which is sad when that is the root of the problem) … I’m with you though, even though as a gay Christian I often don’t have lots of energy for these conversations with seem to be perpetually ongoing and tiresome, at the same time it is only through honest and open dialogue and listening to each other that we can find reconciliation and resolution. Thanks Blair 🙂 Matt

Comment by mattcanada

Agreed. I go back and forth, depending on the week, day or even person I’m interacting with. Keep wading, I guess. Thanks Matt.

Comment by xbtotherockx

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