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September 12, 2010, 2:49 pm
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that is basically my motto for life already. so i thought i should make my top 10 concerts list as well. here they are in no particular order.

Good Riddance/Ensign in Winnipeg 2000. This was amazing because Kris and I were headed there for an MXPX concert the next night, and we just happened to find out Good Riddance was playing the night before with some band called Ensign. Best surprise of my high school career.

Moneen/Choke in Yorkton 2000ish?. This was my discovery of Moneen. It blew my world open. Their performance and amazing music floored me then and left my jaw hanging on the floor.

Means Final Show November 2008. One of the saddest night of my life to see these guys call it quits, but probably the most passionate i’ve ever been about a band, both playing with them and watching them after I left.

School Sux w/ 30 Foot Fall, Straight Faced, Layaway Plan. I had never heard 30 Foot Fall or Straight Faced at this point, and they both became two of my favorites after this show.

D.B.S w/ The Grumpies and FYP 1998 or 99. Despite my lack of remembrance on the year, this was my first show I ever went to, and it was what hooked me in. I am only sad that the greatest punk rock band of all time, D.B.S isn’t still together today rocking the old folks homes.

Warped Tour 2000. I know this is many concerts packed into one, and warped tour basically sucks now, but back then it was incredibly epic. Road trip with Jeremy and Kris, to meet my homeslice brother Peter. Snapcase, ANTI-FLAG, Green Day, Lunachicks, everyone booing Papa Roach. Golden.

AFI in 2000. One of the most incredible of all time. Never heard of AFI only to be blown away and have them become one of my all time favorites at the show. Someone kicked my head into a monitor on the stage and I bled everywhere for a song. Davey Havoc gave me his towel and I got him to sign it after. So I have a towel with my blood and Davey Havoc’s signature. I’m pretty sure I signed a pact with the devil, but what a show.

Even though I don’t like them anymore, I have to say Death By Stereo in 2004. I lived in Dauphin, but drove to Regina right after work to see them play, drove home to work the next morning at 7 AM, and drove to Winnipeg to see them play right after work that day, then drove home to work at 7AM the next day. Never been so tired my whole life, but was an amazing weekend of traveling and partying.

Downway/Belvedere in Dauphin, 2002. I liked both these bands for a while, but strongly disliked them soon after. But this show was huge for Dauphin at the time. I rarely remember being that excited for a concert ever. it felt like the start of the music scene in Dauphin. And so I loved this concert less for the bands and more what it meant to me and my hometown. Golden. I could make a whole new list of amazing Dauphin shows, and maybe I will some time.

i’m going to quit at 9 because after that, it’s all a blur. so many shows in so many years. such a huge part of my life and my youth. so thankful i got to be a part of this.


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thats a beauty list blair. man those were some fun times.

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