2 legit 2 quit
June 2, 2010, 3:54 pm
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it was the first rap song i had ever heard. it was the late 80’s or early 90’s, and i remember my brothers telling me i had to hear this wicked cowabunga song. i’m pretty sure bart simpson was at his high point at this time. so that night, we pretended to go to sleep, but when the door was closed, we turned on the radio and waited. which was annoying, because you never knew when you would hear the song you wanted. plus, i hated the radio guy. i used to always call in and request bryan adams “anything i’d do” and he would call me clair on purpose. when i was a kid, i thought he was just making an honest mistake. but as i have grown older, i understand he was just getting a kick out of the 6 year old kid calling in and requesting a love song. finally after waiting for what seemed an eternity, the song came on. 2 legit 2 quit. my introduction to rap/hip hop. the nexy day/week/year (i don’t remember) my brother mark brought home a tape he had borrowed from a friend. vanilla ice. ice ice baby. for those that know me, you will know the love affair i have with this song. i can rap from start to finish. i got skillz…we listened to that tape for hours before bed. my parents ignored it and didn’t think much about it until joylyn or kerilyn (aka little rat finks) complained that they wanted to listen to music before bed. so mom took our tape player and turned it on. it just happened to be on some song talking about having sex on an inner tube. needless to say, that got my parents attention…when my 3 & 5 year old sisters were introduced to nastiness on an innertube. the tape was thrown away.

rap/hiphop and i have had a conflicted relationship ever since. i’m not entirely sure what constitutes rap, and what exactly is hiphop, so i’ll just call it rap-hop in a general understanding that there are elements of both that i loved. i’m pretty sure that one of my friends reading this who is a legitimate fan of this style of music wants to punch me in the mouth for that. middle school was filled with bad 90’s music. dance mix 93 was my personal fav. between “jump around” and “whoomp, there it is”, our relationship stayed cordial. the songs were fun enough to sing along with that i still enjoyed it. high school, things started to get a little more choppy. i became a punk rocker at heart, and to be a punk rocker meant i had to divorce rap. it was an unwritten rule at the time. the two just didn’t mix. and i was conflicted, because i loved screeching weasel, mxpx, dbs, etc…but i had also just listened to eminem and discovered tupac (years too late, i know…i was behind the times). and so i made my choice. i divorced rap/hiphop. it wasn’t a messy break up. it was quick and clean. after all, i was in grade 9, and we didn’t have any children together. it was then my job to mock rap/hiphop. any time i heard the bass pumping in some goons car, i would shake my head and mock them. what losers, i would say. all the while, i still knew that deep down, ice ice baby was engrained on my heart. i had betrayed my first love, and was feeling the shame. but punk rock was real. i wasn’t faking my love. it was true and pure, but all the while i knew that i had left my first love. even though this love of punk rock was greater, there was still a tug at my heart. dr dre’s “the chronic 2001” came out, and the conflict grew. tracks like “forgot about dre” reminded me of the one i had left behind. but there was no turning back. at this point, i had to choose, and the only choice was punk rock. so i began to despise rap culture, and rightly so. hoes, money, cars…useless crap. it was easy to begin to forget the love i had. once in a while, it would creep back with a catchy beat, but i shut my feelings off. punk rock was my life. and i have no regrets in choosing punk rock.

more recently, my love of rap-hop has come back to haunt me. artists like emmanuel jal, k-os and most importantly, SHAD (june 8th in regina, be there!) have reminded me of my first love. artists with incredible beats and lyrics about something important. a perfect mix of all the things i had convinced myself were reasons to dislike rap-hop were staring me in the face. and i can’t say no. i can’t choose. i still love my punk rock. it has shaped me and influenced me beyond measure. but i can’t say no to something just because it’s expected of me. i am breaking out of the boundaries punk rock has placed on me. and i think that’s more acceptable now days. in high school, it was unheard of. today, i will only get a slight reprimand. because i can’t choose. i think that makes me a polygamist. a music polygamist, don’t worry melissa. i’m going to my first rap-hop show next week. SHAD is promoting his new album TSOL (which you should go and buy right now. throw your computer in the garbage and run to your local music store…or i suppose you could just buy it on itunes and save yourself thousands of dollars. your call) and i can’t wait. make sure you listen to Shad and Emmanuel Jal if you haven’t yet. so i’m a musical polygamist. if you have a problem with that, i just have one thing to say to you. i’m 2 legit 2 quit, and you can’t stop it. 


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‘nowadays everybody wanna talk, when they got something to say, but nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a buncha jibberish, you mother-truckers act like you forgot about dre.’
Shad is pretty sweet.
I think ‘music whore’ is more of a proper term than polygamist.

Comment by Nic Olson

music whore it is. and proud of it.

Comment by xbtotherockx

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