June 1, 2010, 6:13 pm
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you can never please everyone. it’s a fact. to do one thing will upset another, and vice versa. unless you have figured out some magical way to please the world, i’m pretty sure we are stuck here. in this place where someone will always be left unhappy. it’s frustrating to me that this is the way it is. why can’t everyone just understand that I have the answers and follow me. oh wait…that just sounded like i was calling myself Jesus. but that’s how i feel most of the time if i’m honest, that i just wish people would listen to reason…my reason.

growing up in salmon arm, bc was awesome. who named that town anyway? someone convinced me when i was a kid that it was because they found a salmon with a human arm on it long ago. i believe it. but it was an amazing town. just saying it brings back a flood of memories. one day, peter and i decided to walk home together alone after evening service. mom had stayed home sick, and so dad said that as long as we stuck together, we could walk home. my lousy, stinking parents always stayed forever after church. you would think that church is about relationships or something the way they would carry on with people afterwards. give me a break. so we walked home to find mom fast asleep in her room. i don’t remember if it was my idea or peter’s. i’m pretty sure it was his, at least that’s the story i’m sticking to. but we decided to trash our house, make it look like a robbery. it seemed brilliant. dad would walk in, scared to death that something had happened. then we would jump out and scream “GOTCHA!” and he would laugh. we’d all laugh. and we would go down in history as pranksters above all pranksters. that made perfect sense to us, so we started to trash the place. we flipped over tables. threw magazines on the floor. tipped the couches over. set the house on fire. actually, we didn’t do that last one. can’t go too overboard. we even put a steak knife into the ketchup bottle and put it on the floor to make it look like blood. brilliant, right? right? with our house freshly demolished, we ran to our room to await dad’s return. we laughed and were so excited for a few minutes. but then i remember this feeling. this feeling in my stomach that said maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. i forgot about the fact that my dad loved us and might think we were dead or kidknapped. i forgot about the fact that my mom had stayed home from church, and he would be terrified someone had hurt her. we didn’t really think through the ramifications of our brilliant decision. but it was too late because dad walked into the house. all i remember was him yelling for my mom at the top of his lungs. i could hear his footsteps running from room to room looking for her frantically. it was about this time, i decided to lay in my bed and pretend i had been asleep. after all, it was all pete’s idea anyway. i still remember pete walking out of our bedroom and saying, “hi dad” as if nothing had happened. thinking back, i think that is the funniest moment of the whole thing. but when pete confessed it was our doing, the metaphorical poopy hit the ceiling fan. i don’t remember our punishment. i am pretty sure that i’ve blocked it out for sanity reasons. but what seemed like a brilliant idea that would serve pete and i well for 10 minutes of hilarity hurt and terrified my dad. i still say it was funny. it’s my dad’s fault because he just has no sense of humor..

you can’t please everyone. dad wasn’t happy. mom wasn’t happy to be woken up to my screaming father. i’m sure mark and keri-lyn had a moment of pure fear when they heard and saw my dad’s reaction. but me and peter were sure pleased we had gotten our way. until we suffered the consequences. now, putting my dumb story aside for a second, i hate that i can’t please everyone. i desperately wish i could. i try so hard, but it always gets me in trouble. you promise something to one person to make them happy, but it ends up hurting another. you say you’ll do something you really don’t want to do, and then you don’t do it and disappoint them. or you do do it (i just said do do) and grumble the whole time, with an awful spirit. i wish we could please everyone. i wish we could all get along. i wish dad had a sense of humor. i mean, all we did was make him worry he had lost half his family. HILARIOUS! no? oh…ok. i’m feeling the weight of disagreements at the moment, and i wish so badly we could all just do the right thing and that would make everyone happy. but what’s the right thing? who decides? the obvious answer for the follower of the way is Jesus. but who decides what Jesus thinks? you see, it’s tricky. i would personally say he always agrees with me, but that’s just me. you can choose to be wrong by disagreeing with me if you want. because we would all love it if everyone could be happy. but it’s impossible. everyone won’t be happy. someone will be hurt. others will be stepped on. words will be said that can’t be taken back. and all we can do is follow our conscience and be honest with one another. these are some simple ramblings from a tired mind on a tuesday afternoon. if any of you know how to make the world happy without excluding another, please let me know. i’ll even give you $5 if it works. that’s right, i’m a big spender.


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i think that story is hilarious, and if i had four kids and a wife i still think i might find it funny.
i definitely constantly worry about trying to please everyone at once, making decisions based on who it will and will not please. but after realizing that if you are making decisions for your life, you shouldn’t have to worry about pleasing others, except maybe your significant other. and any decisions that need to be made that affect others should maybe be made in a community forum, where feelings and ideas are shared.
pleasing humans is overrated. most of them don’t deserve it.

Comment by Nic Olson

that makes the world blow up man!
i know most people don’t really deserve it, but neither do i. and i expect/insist that other people make decisions in way that’s respectful of MY feelings… so it doesn’t seem cool to be picky and choosy with who i care about. obviously i’m not advocating taking a twitter poll every morning about what shirt to wear, but my right to swing my fist ends where another guy’s face starts.

for the decisions solely about your own life? yeah. move here, go to this school, do this job, quit this job, quit this school, live here, smoke bud, whatever– i completely agree. make those decisions based on what you want. and you’ve had to deal with those kinds of decisions a lot lately, big life ones… for blair, he’s been in the same city/house/family/job situation for a while now, and sissied out on his band a long time ago, so it’s not really those kinds of decisions, i’m guessing– it’s the ones that come with the day to day grind, with planning stuff at a church, etc etc… and it probably makes sense to think at least *some* about other people’s feelings/wishes in that case…

Comment by dt

haha, thanks for the laugh Blair. I remember tricking your dad to one time. Funny, I can’t remember what happened either. yikes.

Comment by John

I get you Dave, all I meant was that there are certain decisions where you should actually worry about what people think, and that there are other decisions that should be made in conference, or with advice, which would hopefully assist in pleasing the masses.
Honesty, understanding, and tolerance seem to be the only answers for the decision maker and those who are affected, or else we’re getting no where.

Comment by Nic Olson

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