in remembrance…
November 11, 2009, 6:43 am
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they are a special breed of human. to be willing to give up one’s life for something you believe in is a noble act, one that i fear i cannot emulate. and whether you agree with the reasons for a war being fought or not, you cannot question the heart of those going to stand for what they believe in. the rest of us can learn a valuable lesson from the men and women who put others before themselves. i am inspired by those who would give their lives for strangers. who give of themselves and take time from their families to fight for something larger than themselves. could i do what they do? i don’t think i could.

it’s time to put politics aside for a change. it’s time to honor those who have given their lives. it’s time to be grateful for what they have done. it’s time to be unified in remembering people who are and were brave, strong and larger than life!

i have never known war, or been affected by a family member or loved one being a part of war. i don’t understand war, or the politicians reasons for waging war. i don’t like war. in fact, i hate war, and i don’t know how to end war. but i respect those willing to stand and fight for what they believe in. and today, we should all remember those who have gone before us fighting for what they believe in. and if you see a service man or woman today, shake their hand and tell them you admire them. they have given their lives. what have we done?


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